Monday, October 24, 2011

Harmonix's Sneaky Shot

In any war, just like love, it is all fair and etcetera, etcetera...or so the common saying goes. Harmonix took it literally when the TVC for its newest dancing game, Dance Central 2, took a tongue-in-cheek swipe at older dancing games that are played on the Nintendo Wii and their gaudy-style of dancing gameplay.

Take a look after the jump...

This TVC does show how the Xbox 360's Kinect can be capably intuitive for games like Dance Central 2. While easily achievable, especially in the areas of seamless interactivity with the user and game, the whole idea of being this really cool dancer all dressed up like a member of Maroon 5...maybe, maybe not.

Whatever the message this TVC tries to deliver, one thing's for sure: using the Kinect to dance sure beats wielding two Wii wands while trying to pull off a great dance routine for that really slick number.